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Monday, January 29, 2007

New Photo Gallery

I've finally done it - I've put up my own photography gallery, on my own server, on my own machine.... using my own frustration to get everything running! But, it's up, and it has pictures. In fact, it even has new pictures that weren't on my previous photo gallery.

Not everything is done - I haven't customized the interface (which is a slow process), and I haven't really gone over all of the pictures that I have put up, but I'll get around to these things eventually. What is neat is that users can add comments, and interact with the whole system. It's really quite neat. The flexibility is unbelievable - Gallery2 rocks.

Anyhow, it's now linked from You might need to refresh your page to get the updated link, but it's now open to the public.


P.S. All pictures there are copyright 2007, Anthony Fejes. If you'd like to purchase one of them (available at 8MP resolution), please contact me. (-:


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