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Thursday, May 10, 2007

progress.... and grilled grad students.

This amused me - I was wandering through this afternoon's poster session, and one of the poster presenters I had spoken to yesterday asked me "Are you doing your job, grilling poor graduate students?" It was a joke, but I think my questions might have been a little too insightful, yesterday. On the bright side, I think the poor grad student has decided to follow up on some of my questions and put his research somewhere the community can access it. I toned it down, today, but whatever - today's posters weren't as entertaining, in general.

On the other hand, to illustrate my point from yesterday, another poor grad student, named Levine, was presenting some of that Chip-Chip data that would have been pretty cutting edge last week. I suspect everyone who walked by asked the same question: will you be doing Chip-sequencing, next? His research was really impressive, but the stuff presented by someone else from the BCGSC (Martin Hirst), yesterday, made the whole thing seem like a mud hut compared to a skyscraper.

So, if you're not looking far enough ahead, you may as well find somewhere to focus your research that won't be steamrolled by the next invention to come along.


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