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Monday, July 16, 2007

Why Fedex Sucks.

Alright - I usually try to refrain from ranting, but I have a rant. I ordered some documents for my upcoming trip to the UK, and put in the ship to location as my home address. That should be ok, except they decided to ship fedex, which I wasn't aware of. That was problem number one. Problem number two was that they split up my order, so it comes in two sets.

So far so good. Unfortunately, Fedex ground can't even ball park when they'll be by to deliver the packages. I took a morning off of work to get the first one, which wasn't too bad. The fist time they tried to deliver it was around 11:00am, so I figured that if I stayed home for a morning, it'd work. More or less, it did. I got the package around noon, and then went in for the afternoon.

The second one, though, came a week later at 3:30pm. Not a problem. I ran out of work at 3:00 today, to catch their second attempt to deliver the package. Oops! They came at 2:20pm - I missed them by an hour. So, thinking I could still salvage this, I called Fedex. Unfortunately - and this is the real source of their suckyness - not only can I not redirect the package, I can't get a time, and if I want to pick it up myself, I have to go all the way to Richmond to get it.

So, the point of the story is that I have to take a whole freaking day off of work and stay at home to get my package. By the way, the package consists of a bunch of passes for the tube for london. If I couldn't work from home tomorrow, whatever money I'm saving by ordering the passes ahead of time, I'd have lost by taking a day off to have them delivered. Thank you Fedex!

Update: It turns out I was wrong on the two packages coming from the same source. They're actually supplied by different people, so I have to forgive the two separate deliveries. However, the rest stands.


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