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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Elisa for Obesity Proteins.

Ok, I can't resist. I occasionally get emails from random biotech companies promoting products that are invariably useless to me. This one amused me enough that I thought I should share it.

The title of the email is "ELISA Strip for Profiling 8 Obesity Proteins." While I'm sure there are people who have a good use for that, I have no clue why I'd want it. I'm not sure I'd want to go to a doctor who needs to use it to tell if their patients are overweight either.

What ever happened to looking at yourself in the mirror or standing on the bathroom scale and saying, "Oh man, I need to lose some weight!?" Now you're supposed to kit yourself out and do an Elisa to tell if you've got to diet?

Oh well, if you do find you have a use for it, Signosis will be more than happy to sell you one.

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