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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CSHL: Personal Genomes

For all that I've been ranting about how much I dislike Cold Spring Harbor's policies on blogging (or at least the rumours about how they'll be changing them in the future), I have to admit that they do have the coolest topics for conferences.

I just received an advertisement in the mail for their upcoming "Personal Genomes" conference in September. I'd like to reprint their ad's description (I'm citing fair use here, just in case any one wonders why I feel free to reproduce it.) for anyone who's interested:
"This second meeting builds on last year's presentations showing a significant milestone in human genetics - the first production of "personal genomes." Ultra high through put swequencing strategies have now been used to study more individual genomes - and yet few scientists and even fewer clinical geneticists, are familiar with the implications of this new data. This meeting will address the issues of individual genomes being part of research and routine clinical medicine within the new years."
Far too cool. Here's a link to the web page.

They have applied for funding to partially support postdocs and graduate students, so you'd better start working on that abstract if you're intersted: they're due July 1st.

By the way, the conference runs from Sept 14-17, 2009.



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