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February 2013 - Notadog.ca has a new litter of puppies! Contact us for more information.

Our Galleries

If you have pictures of Pulik from Not A Dog Kennels, please let us know! We'd love to include them in our Galleries.

Puppies: Pictures of the seven puppies currently available at the NotADog kennel, born on March 24th to Braidy and Kordy.

Alumni: Some of the puppies from NotADog kennel who have keep in touch, but don't have their own page.

Cordelia: Delia is an unusually small Puli, and the daughter of Brady and Monty. She is currently living in Vancouver, BC, where her petite stature makes her perfectly "condo-sized".

Bella with her family: Bella is another of the puppies from the Notadog Kennel.

Domonkos at home: Domonkos, or Okos, is one of the puppies from the Notadog Kennel.

Ella: A smaller puppy from the Notadog Kennel.