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February 2013 - Notadog.ca has a new litter of puppies! Contact us for more information.

Love That Puli

NotADog Kennels is a registered breeder of Pulik. Our wonderful dogs are raised in our home, surrounded by people in a caring and stimulating environment. Our pulik are a part of our family.

Most people who know the Puli agree that a Puli is not a dog, but is an incredible breed unto itself.

A medium size dog with a unique appearance, the Puli has a thick corded coat, and carries his tail curled over his back, making it difficult to tell if he's coming or going. He is extremely intelligent, and very active. The Puli is happy and playful his entire life.

The Puli originated in Hungary as a working sheep herding dog and an excellent companion to his shepherd. Puli continue to be excellent herders in many countries today.

The Puli is a square, compact dog with coats of different density and texture.

The personality of the Puli is its most important characteristic, because as most owners smilingly say, the Puli is simply "not a dog".

Click here [The Canadian Kennel Club] For more detailed information on the breed standard for the puli