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Friday, January 11, 2008

AGBT 2008

I'm a little sleepy, so don't mind if this post is a little garbled.

I found a fantastic email in my inbox this morning: I was selected for a special poster presentation at the AGBT (Advances in Genome Biology and Technology) conference in February on my FindPeaks 3.0 program. I'm not sure how this is any different from other posters... wait, what's this? The poster should be will be 4 feet by and 8 feet... eight feet wide? What the?!?! I've never even seen a poster that big.

While I'm sure I can think of enough stuff to put on a 4x4 poster, coming up with a 4x8 poster will be both a challenge and a very unique experience.

Two connected points: thank goodness I don't use Microsoft products to make posters (does power point even scale to that size?), and wow... I'm glad I don't have to pay out of my own pockets for this poster!


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