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Sunday, August 10, 2008

National Geographic prices (way off topic.)

Sometimes I have to wonder whether Americans believe that the world ends at their border. Nothing against Americans, but why discriminate against Canadians? I wanted to subscribe to the National Geographic Traveler magazine, after seeing a copy of their magazine today.

Then I came across their pricing scheme:

Subscription for anywhere in the US: $10.
Subscription for places overseas: $36

The not so smart part: Subscription for Canadians: $34

I sent them the following email.


I'm not sure who the correct person is to contact about pricing for the national geographic traveler magazine, but I really wanted to express my displeasure at discovering the horribly skewed prices for the subscription rate for Canadians.

I came across your magazine today, and thought it had fantastic articles and photography, and was sufficiently interested that I went online to subscribe. However, once I discovered the dramatic difference between the US and the Canadian prices, I decided to send this email instead.

After all, I live within 40km of the US border and use a currency currently trading at near par with the US Dollar... and yet, I'm being asked to pay 3x the price? Hardly credible! Even worse, we're closer than either Alaska or Hawaii, and are being asked to pay more than either of those states. The Canadian postal system can't possibly cost *that* much more than the US for magazines.

I hope National Geographic seriously reconsiders it's pricing policy, and stops discriminating against a market of 36 Million people.




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