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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Manuscript review.

Several weeks ago, I was really flattered when I was asked to review a manuscript, even if it was for a journal that I've never heard of. As a grad student, it's cool that people have even heard of me to put me down as a potential reviewer. I'm very flattered. (I've also had other requests in the meantime, though I don't think I'll have the spare hours to tackle more reviews - though I'm still flattered!)

Unfortunately, I'm disappointed in the quality of the very first manuscript I've ever reviewed. I won't go into details, however.

On a completely unrelated topic, and for future reference, I think I'll provide a few links that may be useful to people who want to submit manuscripts in the future:
  • Plagiarism (Wikipedia). Covers what plagiarism is, and the possible consequences of it as a student.
  • How to avoid Plagiarism (Purdue). General tips on when and how to give credit to the originators of the idea and source of the material.
  • A good discussion on different forms of plagiarism (Andrew Roberts at Middlesex university.) I highly suggest this, if you're unsure where the grey line between copying and paraphrasing begins.
  • If things are still unclear this reference (Irving Hexham at the University of Calgary) provides examples and a demonstrates the correct forms of how to quote and reference other people's work.



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