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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Tonight was the first installment of the HSBC Celebration of Light. Instead of the usual trek down to Kitsilano beach, where I usually go, I headed up to 8th and Trimble, well away from the fireworks. I'd heard before that that was a decent place to be. Alas, I went up there, and couldn't really find a great place to sit, but I didn't want to head back to kits beach - so we staked out a spot and got ready to be disappointed.

In fact, once the fireworks started, I was pleasantly surprised. The combination of my zoom lens and some good dumb luck had me clicking away from start to end. Out of about 250 pictures I took, nearly 200 of them "turned out". An unheard of ratio, for me.

This one isn't the best - but it's one of them. Click on the picture to check out the whole gallery.

EDIT: Sorry - I've moved my galleries around, and this one is no longer available.



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