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Friday, August 15, 2008

Vacation time...

So, Today's blog is a little bit different. First, I'm not going to do any serious blogging - I have lots to add to the conversation about indels yesterday, but I'm going to have to leave it for a while, and come back to it in a few weeks. After all, I have a few other things on my mind. I've been planning a vacation with my girlfriend for the past... oh, say... 6 months - and it's finally arrived.

Second, I'm going to experiment with un-moderated comments - with some luck, there won't be too much spam while I'm away. If it works out, I'll leave it that way once I get back as well. Hopefully, that will help encourage more open conversations, as comments should appear on the blog right away.

Third, I'm just going to provide a little bit of information on how to contact me - since I won't have email, you'll just have to do it the good old fashioned way and mount an expedition. To find me, you'll find several clues in the photos below, from someone who's already returned from the trip I'm about to take. Actually, the pictures are well worth looking through, if you need a reason to procrastinate - the photgrapher is fantastic:

Link to photos

Anyhow, I promise to reply to emails, tidy up comments and all the rest of that stuff when I get back. But for the next two weeks, this blog will be quiet. Happy end-of-August, everyone, and see you in September.



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