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Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 years of AGBT

Welcome to AGBT... though, if anyone else is blogging this event, you'll know that talks began yesterday. I ran into Daniel Zebrino this morning, who filled me in a little on the talks from yesterday. Apparently, the evening talks (of which Daniel's was one of them) were all very good overviews of the several fields, from aligners to WTSS to... well, you can check out the agenda at

In any case, back to what's going on right now.

The first talk is an overview of the last 10 years – what's happened since the AGBT meeting was started in 1999. Apparently, and it's no surprise to anyone who's here that this year is the best attended. There were so many applications for attendance to this year's AGBT that 400 people on the wait list that didn't get in.

I'm learning very quickly that this format is going to be very difficult...

Ok, this talk is quickly degenerating into a roast of some of the top players in the field. 10 year old pictures of Marco Marra, Craig Venter... ok, pretty much everyone. Good lord. 10 years old pictures of AGBT are somewhat scary.

Well, as the day goes, I'll try to adapt the format of the blogs to fit things a bit better onto the blog.  Bear with my lousy spelling as I try to take notes quickly. (=  


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