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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An interesting converation on bioinformatics business models

Every once in a while, I suddenly remember, and rush over there to see what I've been missing. (My occasional lapses generally coincide with my bi-weekly meetings with my supervisor, an upcoming talk or something of that sort...) SeqAnswers is easily the best resource on Next-Gen sequencing, and I truly enjoy the people that hang out on that forum.

Anyhow, I've been participating in an interesting conversation on the business of bioinformatics and next-gen sequencing. It started off on a question on market research, and then blossomed into a much wider ranging conversation. One re-occurring thread in the discussion is if there are valid bioinformatics business models in which the bioinformatics application is the commodity. I maintain that there aren't but clearly other people disagree.

In the name of encouraging a wider audience to contribute, I thought I'd ask anyone who's reading my blog what they think. Join in here or on the forums.




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