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Thursday, November 29, 2007

FindPeaks for Chip-Seq

This has been a busy two months... but I'm learning a lot about organizing for efficiency, which brings me to a new plan. I think I'd like to blog at the end of every day, because I do have stuff to say. That said, I'm not yet finished my chapter on chip-seq... (Still doing revisions) though it's getting damn close. (Another hour or two of work should do it, I think.)

In any case, I just wanted to mention a few things on my task list that I'm excited to get going on. Some people have begun to adopt the findpeaks program I released on the web a month or so ago, and I've gotten a few comments on "bugs", so I'll be spending a few days to clean that up (Monday, I suppose, since I'm going to be presenting a poster on it tomorrow, and have a few plans for the weekend).

I also have some interesting new features in the next version of Findpeaks, which now can be used to identify binding sites MUCH more accurately. If I can get a few days to fix those up, I may be able to release that version soon, as well, which would be nice. So far it appears to significantly boost the accuracy of the prediction, and gets away from those damn XSETs that are the bane of the earlier findpeaks versions.

Anyhow, finish the chapter tonight, present the poster tomorrow, attend the conference saturday, clean the house and catch up on email/facebook messages on sunday, and then back to work on monday.

I'm coming down the stretch.


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