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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to work...

I'm back from my vacation - and just about ready to get back to work. Almost. Before I do, I figured I should share my pictures, and tie up a few loose ends.

Pictures first! Here's the full album.

And here's one of my favorites:

Ok, now that I'm past showing off pictures, onto to more sciency stuff:

The commenting system seems to have worked very well in my absence, so I'll leave it as is - I won't be moderating posts as they are added to the blog, though I reserve the right to delete rude or otherwise inappropriate posts - it hasn't been a problem yet, though, and I hope it doesn't become one.

I had planned to write more on indels, but I think everyone's on the same page with it now. Longer reads will give more information, and we're better off waiting a few months for those, rather than trying to work our way through it now.

I've been swamped with emails about FindPeaks while I was away, so anyone who sent me an email that I haven't yet replied to - not to worry, I'm almost caught up. A few more hours, and I'll be back to working, instead of emailing. I've also decided that FindPeaks needs to be open sourced ASAP - there are too many things that could be fixed by people who are using the program, rather than waiting for me, while I play customer support. It's wasting my time, which could be better spend on developing new features.

FindPeaks has also had it's first commit from someone other than me. Yay! It happens to be another developer at the GSC, but it's a good first step.

And yes, I think I finally have a date for my committee meeting, and I'm also narrowing down a date for my comprehensive exam. I suspect that means a lot of my posts in the future will be literature reviews, roundups and discussions of a wide range of genomic topics, starting in October.

Ok, that about does it for now - Only about 45 more emails to process, and I'll be back on top of things.


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