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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dates and misleading messages.

Here's an entertaining debugging challenge for people.

I was trying to get the history of code changes between April and June, so that I could write up a quick report for a working group at the GSC. I used the following command:
svn log -r {2009-06-31}:{2009-04-01}

and got the following error:
svn: Syntax error in revision argument '{2009-06-31}:{2009-04-01}'

After scratching my head for a while to figure out what the correct syntax was, and going through a ton of different threads on-line to figure out what the correct format should be, I finally figured out the error...

Are you ready for it?

June doesn't have 31 days. Replacing it with the correct date range solved the error. Oops!



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