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Monday, August 24, 2009

Science Online 2009 London blogs

I had several cool ideas for blogs this morning; I was going to illustrate the physics of how I think water flow impacts the height of a splash when doing a "human cannonball" into a swimming pool... and I had a great idea of writing up another cartoon style "how a sugar rush affects the human body and the longevity of your life...", but then I got distracted by the Science Online London 09 blogs.

Unfortunately, I'm on the wrong continent for attending it... and frankly, I had other things to do at 2am on a sunday morning. (Yes, I was asleep...), but the beauty of blogging conferences is that people do actually blog them.

While I missed out on the content firsthand, there are plenty of commentaries, reviews and discussions about the conference.

Martin Fenner (Gobbledygook) has so far put together the most comprehensive list of posts on Science Online London 09 that I've found so far.

One of my favorite reviews (at least, one of the most topical for me), is at the mind wobbles, which provides a summary of Mark Henderson, Dave Munger and Daniel MacArthur's "Blogging for Impact" talk. I found the points are really quite useful - as always.

Since it's still just early morning here, I'm WAY in catching up on the blogosphere... I guess I'll have to save my illustrated posts for another day. So many blogs to read, so little time!



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