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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Science Online 2009 London.

I just saw the most awesome conference in a tweet from Daniel McArthur: Science Online 2009 London. Unfortunately, a) it's in London, UK, which is a little too far for me to walk and b) they're already filled up with registrants. Fortunately, they will be streaming the whole conference on the web, which I'm highly tempted to buy into. (It costs 10 GBP... that's ~$20 CDN, which is vastly more reasonable than flying to London.)

The program has awesome events, including Blogging for impact (Speakers: Dave Munger, Daniel MacArthur), Author identity – Creating a new kind of reputation online (Speakers: Duncan Hull, Geoffrey Bilder, Michael Habib, Reynold Guida - I have to admit I don't know any of them... but I'll go look them up later), and Legal and Ethical Aspects of Science Blogging (Speakers: Petra Boynton, David Allen Green).

In fact, pretty much every session sounds like it will be worth the 10 pounds... If only I were in london



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